• Sri Sankara Educational Trust

    “ When you serve the poor, the destitute, the needy and
    Help them with food, shelter, Medicines and education
    You serve me ”.

  • Registration No : IN 937

    Sri Sankara Global Academy

    Right education should make us know that God is the Truth.Knowledge must fill one with good qualities, through which one can realise the Truth, that is God.Therefore, the goal of knowledge is the understanding of the Ultimate Truth.The first fruit of education must be humility and self control.

  • Cambridge IGCSE

    We impart character and value-based education blended with modern teaching methods, thus helping the students to develop their total personality.

About Sri Sankara Educational Trust

Sri Sankara Educational Trust has a chain of about 37 institutions under its management and mainly at Tambaram, Urapakkam, Kalavai , Puducherry Mayavaraam ,Krishnagiri ,Kodaikanal and Tirunelveli.

The Emergence of Sri Sankara global Academy is a new feather to the cap of Sri Sanakra Edcuational Trust which has been highly successful in promoting educational institutions ,simultaneously establishing its supremacy in quality education over the others in south suburb areas.


Sri Sankara Global Academy is a new land mark in Chennai South Suburb, known for its pursuit of excellence in education. This will be an Academy ,totally dedicated towards crating international citizens for tomorrow with Indian traditions, values and virtues.

This Academy is being setup with purpose of successfully integrating academic excellence with emphasis on value based education and respect for our rich cultural heritage

(Sri Sankara Global Academy 539,Velachery Road East Tamabram,Chennai : 600 059 Phone : 044 -22393183/32421916 Email:

We have a branch at Kilkattalai

Sri Sankara Global Academy
13 Thiruvalluvar Nagar main Road,Kilkattalai
Chennai : 600 117
Phone : 044 -22475862

Proposed branch at Urapakkam

We have Proposed to open a new branch at Urapakkam in GST Road from the Academic year 2014-15.

Our Beliefs and Philosophy

We strongly believe that as an Educational Academy dedicated to the cause of high degree of education, we will be able to help children for:

  • Better interaction and personality development through individual care.
  • Recognizing the true potential and shape them into confident responsible ,balanced and multifaceted personalities with a difference.
  • Man-making efforts in creating high sense of pride of being a Patriotic Indian in every learner.
  • Laudable opportunities for augmenting the potentials in every student.
  • Preparing every child into role model with high degree of discipline.
  • Stimulation of creativity in every student, developing high degree of thinking through experimental projects learning.
  • Usage of innovative methods both teaching and learning.